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Preparing kids for the SAT or ACT is a critical step toward their next leap into college and career.

Why exl learning?

exl learning offers the types of individualized tutoring and small group instruction that will support your child in achieving their highest score possible. Students who participate in 1:1 tutoring or in our previous ACT Ready! and SAT Ready! classes make significant gains.

How do we know kids’ scores will grow?

We know what it takes to achieve for each of these different exams. We hire highly qualified and experienced tutors/teachers that know specific test-taking strategies by test and content knowledge needed to succeed.

Are you a high school senior?

If you are not happy with your ACT or SAT scores, you can take the test again to submit your best scores. Our students who have participated in our ACT and SAT prep programs have raised scores 3-8 points and 240 in the SAT. This could make a huge difference for you or your child!

How can 9th and 10th graders prepare now?

10th grade students will take the PSAT 10 test this year. Both 9th and 10th grade students can get ready with confidence by working with one of our experienced tutors to prepare for this very important and predictive exam.

How much do test prep services cost?

1:1 ACT or SAT test prep is $65 per hour. As a parent, you determine the number of hours. We do not lock families into an expensive package.

ACT/SAT Diagnostic Assessment is $119. (The fee is discounted 50% if you also register your child for four 1:1 test prep tutoring sessions.)

“My daughter took the ACT test two weeks ago (not through school) and improved her score to a 31; a 5-6 point improvement from her pre-tests. A great improvement — so glad we signed up for the classes. Thanks to you all.”
Cris S.
“My son scored an overall 33 on the ACT! A 6 point gain! Thank you for all your help. You could see the pride on his face when he opened up those scores on Saturday.”
Jessica D.

“I went from a 1250 to 1490 on my SAT thanks to your support!”

Isabelle M.


Test Prep that can change your child’s tomorrow. Get started earlier than later.

We offer highly qualified tutors that know what it takes to succeed with high ACT/SAT scores. These sessions are designed to help our students know how to utilize their thinking skills and current functioning academic abilities to perform at their best. Students will benefit from instruction that will help them to maximize the time allowed for each test.

Students will complete a diagnostic assessment in session one. This may take up to 4 hours. We use the information from this assessment to develop individualized learning plans.

Students are then given test prep guiding activities between each session that support individual practice. Students are also given the advantage of sharing thinking and testing strategies used by their peers with guidance by the teacher.

SAT READY! – Sundays 5:30-8:00 pm or Saturdays 11:00 am-1:30 pm 5-week sessions

Sundays- September 30 – October 28 (Register for Nov 3, 2018 SAT)

Sundays- February 3 – March 3 (Register for the March 9, 2019 SAT) Recommended for Juniors taking the SAT at school on April 9, 2019

Saturdays- April 20 – May 25 (Register for the June 1, 2019 SAT)

All classes held on Saturdays or Sundays depending on which class SAT READY!  is chosen.

$595 includes cost of diagnostic assessment, evaluation and test prep guiding activities and practice.

1:1 tutoring for ACT/SAT is also available.

Our tutors will administer a diagnostic ACT/SAT test and design personalized instructional programming to ensure higher ACT/SAT scores.

Diagnostic assessment for both ACT/SAT is available for $119. Sign up for tutoring for Test Prep and receive 50% off.


We offer test preparation to meet the needs of your individual child for most major standardized tests. Contact us for additional information.


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