Our Learning Adventures are all about 21st Century Learning, a set of abilities that students need to develop in order to succeed in the information age.

Promoting Learning, Literacy, and Life Skills

In each Learning Adventure, students are engaged in different activities that support the following skills:

  • Collaboration, Communication, Critical & Creative Thinking

  • Information, Media, and Technology Literacy

  • Flexibility, Social Skills, Leadership, Initiative, & Productivity

Applied Common Core Standards

Each learning adventure is cloaked in opportunities for kids to apply the skills learned in school. These skills and knowledge, as referred to in the Common Core State Standards, are what students need in language arts and mathematics at each grade level, so they can be prepared to succeed in college, career, and life.



Don’t hire a baby sitter for those non-school days. Send your child to eXL Learning where students engage in rigorous learning that they can’t get enough of.

Thanks for another great school year filled with fun and engaging Learning Adventures on non-school days. We will have many new unique offerings for next year and will provide parents many great options to support their busy schedules to include full day half day and extended day options. We will again work hard behind the scenes to design the types of classes that really makes kids think critically and creatively. The kinds of classes that kids wish they had at school each day.

Join us in 2017-18 for another great year of non-school day Learning Adventures.

TARTS WEEK (Technological ARTS) – March 27-31

This week is filled with creativity, exploration and introduction to some of the newest technologies to make fascinating works of art. This may just be the week that propels your child’s creative interest into the future!

Recommended for grades K-8. Choose to sign up for individual days or a discounted week. $90 per selected day (sign up below), or $400 for the week.

Sign up for the whole week or click on the days below to sign up for an individual day.

All fees include material costs. (*Not included: Makey Makey – these items will be available for purchase for those interested in taking one home.)

Makey Makey is a relatively new product that contains three basic elements: the Makey Makey circuit board; alligator clips, to connect the board to everyday objects; and a USB cable, to connect with any computer. Students in this Learning Adventure will combine this exciting new tool and their original drawings to create an interactive masterpiece. Nothing cooler than that!

Sign up for Makey Makey Interactive Art

Animate IT will teach kids basic introduction to animation and the evolution from Thaumatropes and flip books to a crash course on digital 2 and 3-D animation. Your child will be able to complete a short sample of their own animated creation to share with  your family.

Sign up for Animate IT-2/3-D Animation

The biggest step toward 3-D printing is learning how to use the printing software. Kids will learn the basics of 3-D printing software (Tinkercad) to create renderings ready for print. They will walk out of this class with a 3-d printing of their own design.

Sign up for Introduction to 3-D Modeling/Printing

Kids in this exciting new Learning Adventure will explore the fascinating newer world of 3-D printing. A bulk of their day will be learning how to navigate the software needed to take their drawing or idea to a 3-D print. They will be able to take home their printed product and display it with pride. Must have taken Introduction to 3-D rendering in order to participate in this class. (see above)

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If your kid loves Minecraft, they will love this even more. In this Learning Adventure kids will be introduced to and try their hand at designing new games or creating levels for existing games, which is termed modding. By shifting from player to creator, kids start to think about their audience as real humans (not simply anonymous opponents) which means they’ll consider what their message is. And they’ll problem-solve the entire time. They will be introduced to some of the newest digital applications used for this purpose.

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Building a Better Mouse Trap – April 3

This day will challenge kids to build their own version of the famous game mousetrap. They will be able to craft a working game to take home to display and play.

8:00 am-3:30 pm Recommended for grades K-8 $95

Non-School Day Learning Adventures

POWER UP MY DAY: If you need extended time, you can add the Power Up My Day option. Drop off time is 7:30 am and pick-up is at 5:30 pm for an additional $20 daily fee paid on the day of service.

LUNCH & SNACKS: Students will need to bring their own snacks and lunches please; we are a nut-free facility.


Take your child’s party to the next level of extreme fun!

Take any of our Learning Adventure themes, add your child’s celebration and a few of their closest friends, and you have the recipe for “the best party ever”!

Each event will consist of fun, organized games, a crafting project that they can take home with them, themed snacks, decorations and lots of fun!

We do the work. You avoid cleaning, set up, preparing and cleaning up again.


Choose from our list of themes or give us an idea of a different theme your child may want for celebration. We will make it happen.

  • Minecraft  Madness

  • Spy Lab
  • Pirate Adventures
  • Stories Come Alive
  • ​Big Hero 6
  • Toy Inventions
  • ​Lego Stop Motion Animation
  • Hogwarts Wands & Wizardry
  • Super Hero Science
  • The Art of Science
  • Bridges to Engineering
  • ​Star Wars
  • Fairies and Dragons
  • ​Pokémon

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