Our Learning Adventures are all about 21st Century Learning, a set of abilities that students need to develop in order to succeed in the information age.

Promoting Learning, Literacy, and Life Skills

In each Learning Adventure, students are engaged in different activities that support the following skills:

  • Collaboration, Communication, Critical & Creative Thinking

  • Information, Media, and Technology Literacy

  • Flexibility, Social Skills, Leadership, Initiative, & Productivity

Applied Common Core Standards

Each learning adventure is cloaked in opportunities for kids to apply the skills learned in school. These skills and knowledge, as referred to in the Common Core State Standards, are what students need in language arts and mathematics at each grade level, so they can be prepared to succeed in college, career, and life.



2019-2020 School Year

Don’t hire a baby sitter for those non-school days. Send your child to eXL Learning where students engage in rigorous learning that they can’t get enough of.

Non-school Day Learning Adventures are designed for students in grades K through 6. Classes are from 8:00 to 3:30.

 These one of a kind learning adventures are $120 per full day session.   All materials are included. 10% sibling discount is available at Sign-up.  Just type the code ‘sibling’  as the discount code when registering the second or third child.

This Learning Adventure is for all who love magical mythical creatures. Kids will explore the world of folklore and learn about a variety of these amazing entities through hands-on artistic exploration. Kids will learn about the historical development of the world’s most whimsical and fascinating creatures, and will be able to creatively construct, design, & craft their most favored mythical creature and the habitat they exist in.


What better way to get ready for Halloween than to explore the world of Creepy bugs. Kids in this Learning Adventure will use a variety of creative techniques to create models of their favorite creepy crawly. What a fun learning experience for our young entomologists.


How would you like to wear a light up mask or cuff while trick or treating or at your Halloween party? In this fun Learning Adventure kids will learn how to use conductive thread, batteries and LED lights for creating a fun Halloween costume accessory.


This Learning Adventure is for your Lego maniac. Kids will have so much fun designing and building, using engineering components for working parts and creating art projects that celebrated these popular bricks.


In this fun Learning adventure kids will solve problems that arise for Steve using different mathematical concepts (grade level and skills appropriate). They will strengthen math understandings and concepts through hands-on planning and building both virtual and physical models using a variety of materials.


Pixels are all around us. Pixel’ is short for Picture Element. When we see graphic images on digital devices the display divides the screen into thousands or millions of pixels, arranged in rows and columns. In this fun Learning Adventure, kids will create a variety of projects using different materials to reflect pixilation in their work.


Did you know that an ant has more intelligence than a hippopotamus? And that a grasshopper, in relation to his size, has more power in his hind legs than a kangaroo? Absolutely, fascinating! There’s no doubt about it, animals are much more interesting than people. In this fun Learning Adventure kids will have fun focused on animal creations using a variety of materials and media.


What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than to explore some sweet concoctions for making tasty treats. Candy Sushi, lollipops, taffy is just what’s needed to satisfy their sweet tooth.


Science experiments are so much fun! In this fun Learning Adventure kids will learn about the scientific interactions between different ingredients to create rainbows in a jar, the physics of Oobleck, electric dough and ice volcanoes. So much scientific fun.


Non-School Day Learning Adventures

POWER UP MY DAY: If you need extended time, you can add the Power Up My Day option. Drop off time is 7:30 am and pick-up is at 5:30 pm for an additional $20 daily fee paid on the day of service.

LUNCH & SNACKS: Students will need to bring their own snacks and lunches please; we are a nut-free facility.


Take your child’s party to the next level of extreme fun!

Take any of our Learning Adventure themes, add your child’s celebration and a few of their closest friends, and you have the recipe for “the best party ever”!

Each event will consist of fun, organized games, a crafting project that they can take home with them, themed snacks, decorations and lots of fun!

We do the work. You avoid cleaning, set up, preparing and cleaning up again.


Select a theme or give us your own idea of a different theme your child may want, reserve a date and time, choose a preferred package and then invite your guests. We do all the work. Parties are recommended for kids ages 5-12 and include two hours of themed activities (all materials included), 2 staff members facilitating, and a party room reserved just for you.
For an additional fee, we will provide party favors for each guest.

  • $255/$305 (w/ themed snacks) for up to 8 participants
  • $310/$380 (w/ themed snacks) for up to 10 participants
  • $380/$450 (w/ themed snacks) for up to 12 participants

Or $25 add-on for any other participants up to 14 total
Please note that a non-refundable 50% deposit will be required to book your party.

  • Minecraft  Madness

  • Spy Lab
  • Pirate Adventures
  • Stories Come Alive
  • Castles and Catapults
  • Toy Inventions
  • ​Lego Stop Motion Animation
  • Hogwarts Wands & Wizardry
  • Super Hero Science
  • The Art of Science
  • Bridges to Engineering
  • ​Star Wars
  • Fairies and Dragons
  • ​Pokémon

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