Evaluation of Academic Progress

In Colorado, homeschoolers in grades 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 are required to send documentation of either testing from a national exam, such as the Iowa test, or a letter from a qualified person stating your student is making sufficient academic progress. A qualified person includes a licensed teacher, a licensed psychologist, or someone with a masters degree in education.

At eXL learning, homeschool assessments are offered by a licensed teacher who is also a homeschooling parent. Our assessment costs $50, and you will receive a letter for your district plus feedback from our visit.

Diagnostic STAR Assessment for Homeschool Planning

Another unique service we offer at eXL Learning is the STAR Assessment in reading and/or math. This computer-based assessment determines where your student is in reading and/or math. From the assessment you receive a report of your student’s grade level equivalent of knowledge and skills and, most importantly for homeschool parents, a planning guide listing skills your student is ready to learn. This snapshot is for your use (the STAR doesn’t satisfy the required homeschool assessment by itself, though can be included as a part of the required assessment). It’s an invaluable guide for determining what your student knows and needs to learn, for your use or to give to another teacher or tutor. Each STAR assessment costs $69, applicable towards tutoring if you decide to sign up for tutoring at eXL learning. If you want to add the STAR test to a regular evaluation, the cost for the STAR portion is $50.

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