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What Is a Good SAT Score?
  • A good SAT score could improve your chances of getting admitted into a specific school.
  • Although there isn’t an established standard for a “good” SAT score, it is recommended to aim for 1200 minimum.
  • Additionally, you need to achieve an SAT score that is equal to or more than the school’s middle 50percent..
  • The SAT essay is not available anymore unless your state is a member of SAT School Day.

Many students find that gaining admission to college is more than high grades and a convincing personal statement. It’s about having high test scores.

Similar to the ACT – SAT is also an extremely well-known admissions test for college admissions in the U.S. Although there’s no score that you need to achieve in order to be able to take the exam, having a higher SAT score could increase the chances of getting accepted to a school.

Некоторым колледжам не нужны результаты SAT. Таким образом, вы должны определить, требует ли выбранная вами школа или предлагает пройти тест, прежде чем сдавать тест. Недавно вспышка COVID-19 побудила ряд учреждений внедрить политику необязательных тестов, которая подразумевает, что школы, скорее всего, не будут требовать результаты SAT/ACT для следующего цикла подачи заявок в 2021–2022 годах (и, возможно, даже после периода 2021 года). -22).

Which SAT result is the most desirable one to target? What’s an “good” SAT score?

What Is a Good SAT Score Overall?

In general anyone who scores an SAT scores that are greater then the 50th per centile, or median is thought to be a high score, as it signifies that you’ve scored higher than the majority of students who take the test.

The score of the 50th percentile may not suffice at every university that is selective. The criteria to get the best SAT score is largely based on of how students are competitive and how competitive the pool is. This is why it’s suggested to aim for a minimum of 75th percentile. This is at least 1200.

The SAT scores ranges from 400-1700. From 1200 to 1600, is the product of the scores from your two sections: Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW). Each section is a 200-800 scale with intervals of 10 points. A score of 600 in Math or EBRW could be as high as 600.

Percentiles allow you to assess how well you did relative to other test taking students. Check out the percentile charts below to discover what constitutes an acceptable SAT scores. Keep in mind that the ranking of the percentiles for scores can change over the years.

PercentileMath ScoreEBRW ScoreTotal SAT Score
75 (good)6006101200-1210
50 (median)5205301040-1050

What Is a Good SAT Score Based on Your Schools?

To increase your chances of being accepted to an institution You should strive to get an SAT score that is comparable to that of the typical candidate. Also that when the average first-year student scores 1300, you should strive to score at least 1300.

To figure out what you need to do find the middle 50 percent of scores for the institution you’re looking to be admitted at. The middle 50% is a range between the 25th to the 75th percentile. The goal is to be in the that 75th percentage point of your institution’s. If this isn’t achievable, you can try to obtain scores higher than 25% (though you must consider that your applications may not be as convincing).

Many schools have SAT data on their websites. You can look on through the internet by entering the address of the institution and the term “SAT score range” or look for a student’s first year profile page or an overall data and figures on the site.

Imagine you’re applying for Emory University. Emory’s profile page for prospective students includes the middle 50% of SAT Math and EBRW scores for 2025’s class. Based on these numbers , you’ll be able to get around 770 for EBRW and 780 on Math which are both extremely excellent scores.

The exact SAT score you’ll have to target will differ depending on the schools you’re applying for. The institutions with a lower level of selection accept applicants with SAT scores that are close to the median national average . However, high-stakes institutions generally prefer scores in the 1450-1700 range.

Good SAT Scores for 20 Popular Colleges

Table below provides what is the average for top 50 percent of students’ score at the top twenty prestigious colleges and universities. The data are for the class of 2022.

College/UniversityAverage SAT Score (Top 50%)
Harvard University1540
Stanford University1520
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)1530
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)1550
Yale University1510
Princeton University1500
Columbia University1510
Duke University1480
Brown University1490
University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)1510
Johns Hopkins University1500
Dartmouth College1490
Cornell University1490
University of Chicago1500
Northwestern University1490
Rice University1490
Washington University in St. Louis1510
Vanderbilt University1490
Emory University1470
University of Notre Dame1470

What Is a Good SAT Essay Score?

The SAT was earlier an option for essay. In 2021, however, it was declared that College Board announced it would not offer this option. The only exception to this policy is when your state requires the SAT and in this case it is possible take the test on an SAT test at school Day.

While colleges aren’t required by law to write the SAT essay, some students who take the SAT in school may be eager to get an impressive mark on the essay they submit to their complete satisfaction. It is crucial to keep in mind it is that the SAT essay differs from Math and EBRW. The limit for time is set at 50 minutes. Write an essay in which you analyze the claims and arguments made by the writer in a specific paragraph.

2 graders go over your essay and give you scores in the range of 1 to 4 for three categories: Reading Analysis and Writing. The range of scores is 2-8 in each category. The ideal SAT essay score is three eighths, which is the overall average of four for each grade within all three categories.

While it’s accurate that the College Board doesn’t report any percentiles for the SAT essay however, they do provide median scores for every section using data from the year 2020:

Reading: 5
Analysis: 3
Writing: 5

The most commonly used SAT test score is any score that is greater than averages, however it’s best to strive for greater scores whenever you can. For a deeper understanding of the factors that go to what goes into the SAT essay and how students score on it The graphs below illustrate the percentage of test takers who scoring every possible score in the three categories:

SAT Essay Score Distribution reading
SAT Essay Score Distribution Analysis
SAT Essay Score Distribution Writing