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What Is SAT Scores?

According to the College Board, The SAT is a globally recognized college entrance exam that lets you show colleges your understanding and how you can apply your knowledge. Students who take the SAT are tested by reading, writing comprehension of mathematics. The student may also be required to take SAT tests on subjects, which assess the comprehension of a particular area of study.

Knowing your SAT scores will allow you to understand the areas you are strong in and where there is room for improvement when you begin preparing for college!

Where can I find my scores?

You can determine the date your score will be published by looking at the schedule for release of scores. When your scores have been released, go to your SAT score report portal to log in and download the score reports.

2023-2024 Score Release Dates

In the week following the release of each score educators will be able downloading data files, and report them on the portal for reporting on K-12.

SAT Weekend AdministrationScore Release Date
August 2023 SATAvailable now
October 2023 SATAvailable now
November 2023 SATAvailable now
December 2023 SATDecember 18, 2023
March 2024 SATMarch 25, 2024
May 2024 SATMay 20, 2024
June 2024 SATJune 17, 2024

What do my scores indicate?

A total score of your total score and is the sum of your scores from each section (see further below). The top score of a composite for your SAT is 800+800 or 1600. The score for the average is 1000.

Your section scores are your individual scores of the two major parts on the SAT: Reading and Writing and Math. Each section is scored from 800 points, and these scores are combined to create your total score.

What Is a Good SAT Score Overall?

In general the majority of cases, an SAT score that is above 50th percentile or median, is considered an acceptable score, as this indicates that you’ve scored better than the vast majority of test takers.

The 50th percentile score will not be enough at all selective schools. The criteria for a great SAT score can vary greatly based of how competitive an pool is. This is why it’s best to aim for at 75th percentile which is 1200 or greater.

The SAT scores, which varies between 400 and 1600 is the total of the two scores in your section: Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW). Each section has the 200-800 scale in increments of 10 points. A score of 600 for Math or EBRW could be about 600.

Percentiles are a way to assess how well you scored in comparison to other test takers. Take a look at the percentile charts to find out what constitutes a great SAT score. Keep in mind that the percentile rankings for scores could change between years.

PercentileMath ScoreEBRW ScoreTotal SAT Score
75 (good)6006101200-1210
50 (median)5205301040-1050
Source: SAT Understanding Scores 2021

Are you wondering if your score can aid you in gaining admission to the college of your choice?

A lot of universities and colleges will publish the SAT scores of accepted pupils on their website. Although a score within that range does not guarantee admission (and any score that is not within that range doesn’t mean you won’t get accepted) This information could aid you in determining what your score is in comparison to the scores of students who attend the school you’re considering. Keep in mind that your SAT score is just one element to your admissions application!

How do you define benchmarks? And why are they important?

Benchmarks are scores for both sections used to determine college readiness. Students who meet the benchmarks on both sections are said to be ready for college. Don’t be concerned that you did not meet the benchmark! Students who fall below the benchmark in either or both sections may still be successful in college with extra help and perseverance. For the benchmark scores, for Reading as well as Writing section is the 480 mark. For Math is 530. Math portion is 530.

What is the importance of your SAT score?

The SAT score can seem like something of a huge thing, and in some ways, they can be. Your SAT score could be a factor in the admissions process for colleges and could determine your eligibility to graduate from high school. But, it’s essential to be aware that even though the SAT is a way to assess your academic ability however, it’s just an impression of a single point in time. Your SAT score isn’t a reflection of your character, who you are and what you’re able to do or the future of your academic career have in store.

Your SAT score isn’t guaranteed. You’ll always be able to learn and improve your scores through practice. You’re on the right track!