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SAT scoring is based on an scale of 400 to 1600. The most impressive SAT score you could get is 1600. The lowest score is 400.
A entire SAT score is made up of an Math section score as well as the Evidence-Based Reading as well as Writing score. Every SAT sections is assessed between 200 to 800 points.

Average SAT score for 2022’s class was 1050. It was the average Math scores on the SAT for 2022’s class was 521. Average EBRW score for 2022’s class was 529.

Your SAT Score Report

You can view your total score and Section scores when you download your SAT scores report issued by the College Board. This is the score committees for college admissions take into consideration when they evaluate your application. When you look over the SAT scores report you’ll see a variety of subscores and cross-test scores that evaluate different skills.

1 total score400-1600Sum of 2 section scores
2 section scores200-8001 score for Math section, 1 score for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section
3 test scores10-40Scores for Reading, Writing and Language, and Math
2 cross-test scores10-40Scores for Analysis in History/Social Studies and for Analysis in Science.
Each score is based on selected questions from the Reading, Writing and Language, and Math tests.
7 subscores1-15Scores for the following proficiencies based on selected questions from the Reading,
Writing and Language, and Math tests.
Command of EvidenceWords in ContextExpression of IdeasStandard English ConventionsHeart
of AlgebraProblem Solving and Data AnalysisPassport to Advanced Math

SAT Percentiles

  • Nationally representative sample percentile According to the College Board, this percentile is a measure of your performance compared to that from ” all U.S. students in a particular grade, including those who don’t typically take the test.”
  • Your Student SAT Percentile (National) This measures your performance to those of all college-bound SAT-takers who is in 11 or 12thor 12 the grades.

The Nationally representative sample percentage will be higher since you SAT User Percentile does not include students who didn’t take the SAT or plan to attend college. The SAT User Percentile will be better at determining the degree to which your scores are competitive in college.

Are my grades sufficient enough to be able to get me into my ideal school?

Let’s discover! Find out how to set your goals for SAT scores. To determine how you’ll do on the SAT prior to taking the test and record the scores in your record book, you can take a no-cost practice test and receive the score reports via The Princeton Review. We’ll have our SAT experts will review the score report in greater depth and assist you in planning the next step.

What Is a Good SAT Essay Score?

The SAT was previously an essay option. In 2021, however it was announced that the College Board announced it would discontinue offering this option. SAT essay. One exception to the rule is in the event that your state requires SAT and in that case, you could be required to take the test during the SAT School Day.

Although colleges aren’t required to submit the SAT essay, some students who take the SAT during school hours may be keen on getting an impressive score to satisfy themselves. This SAT essay scores differently in Math or EBRW. You’ll be given 50 minutes to compose an essay that focuses on the claims and arguments of the author in a particular passage.

Two graders will go through your essay and award you scores on a scale of 1-4 for 3 categories: Writing Analysis and Writing. The range of scores is 2-8 for each of the categories. The ideal SAT essay score is three 8’s, which is an overall score of 4 for both grades across each of the three categories.

While it is true that the College Board doesn’t report any percentiles for the SAT essay, they do give the median scores in each section using data from 2020:

  • Reading: 5
  • Analysis: 3
  • Writing: 5

The most common SAT test score should be one that is above the averages, however it is better to go for higher scores whenever possible.