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A lot of students take the SAT several times It’s crucial to be aware of how to register. This article breaks into SAT sign-up into seven simple steps.

  • You can sign up for the SAT on the Internet or via mail.
  • The fee for registration to the SAT is $60.
  • You’ll require a photo ID when you enroll in the SAT to verify your identity on the test day.
  • There is a cancellation cost and you must choose the test date and location be careful.

A lot of U.S. colleges use the SAT or ACT as well as other tests, in addition to documents like transcripts and essays, to determine if applicants are a good candidate. Some colleges, like Georgetown University, require applicants to take an SAT or ACT in order to be considered as candidates for admission.

When to be taking the SAT will depend on your schedule, scoring goals and commitments. Many students test the test a number of times in order to achieve better scores. This is why it’s essential you understand how to register to take the SAT and what you can anticipate in terms of fees for registration.

Do You Register for the SAT Online or by Mail?

Students can sign up for the SAT through the internet or via mail. Registration online is quicker simpler, more convenient, and frequent method of registering. If you’re unable to make an online registration, you can apply through mail. However, you’ll need an enrollment booklet by contacting the College Board or a school counselor.

There are some scenarios that may need students to sign up via mail. For instance, a test taker can register for the test by mail, when they are unable to pay for the cost in money or checks.

Eligible students may request accommodations for SAT through the College Board. Accommodations have to be approved before students register for the SAT.

Register Online for the SAT in 7 Easy Steps:

If you are a student with a low income, and eligible for waivers, normal cost of taking the SAT will be $60. 

Make sure you register in time as there’s a substantial late fee. This is a quick summary of the costs associated with SAT registration:

SAT Registration Fee$60
Change Test Center$25
Cancel Registration$25
Cancel Registration Late$35
Late Registration$30

Source: The College Board

1. Create a College Board Account

To sign up online to take your SAT, create an account with the College Board. It’s recommended to do this on your personal computer, so that you can be logged into. If you’re using a public computer, be sure that you’ve got a secure connection.

No matter what, you must use a strong password and note it down. 

This account will be used to check to your SAT results and sign up for the next test, if you wish.

2. Visit the SAT Registration Page, and Click “Register Now”

Once you’ve signed up for an account with your College Board account, you are able to start the SAT registration procedure. Log in, navigate to the SAT suite, then navigate to the College Board’s SAT enrollment page. Select on the “Register Now” button.

If you’re interested in knowing the tests you are able to register for go to the bottom of this page to view the list of the next three deadlines.

3. Enter Your Personal Information

The next step is to fill in your personal details. The most important thing to prepare on this part is a photo of your digital or a copy of the ID you have. It is essential to submit these documents since test administrators will require to verify your identity before they take your SAT.

You might also be asked for details such as your GPA, educational interests as well as your household income.

4. Select Your Test Date and Test Center

You can utilize to use the Test center finder tool to find the test date and location through zip codes. It is also possible to search for test centers by city, state, and the distance to your location.

A lot of students choose for taking the SAT at their school, if this option is available. The test you take in your high school could make you feel more relaxed during the test, as you’re familiar with the surroundings. If your school isn’t an option, students typically opt for the most convenient test location.

If you locate the test date and time which is compatible with your schedule Click “Register for the SAT.

5. Upload Your Photo

You’ll be asked to upload a picture of yourself. The day you take the exam the SAT administrator will match your uploaded photo to your ID photo to ensure security. The image you upload must be in compliance with the following criteria:

  • Your eyes must be visible
  • The picture can only contain yourself (the test-taker)
  • The picture should be clear and clearly depict you clearly.
  • It can’t include digital changes similar to filters.
  • Your head must be covered except for religious reasons

6. Add Optional Services and Practice Materials

When you are done with SAT application, the student may select to add answer service for an additional fee of $16 and/or SAT test material for $29.99.

“Answer Services” refers to the possibility of reviewing answers following the test. You can also know the difficulty of each test regardless of the fact that it has no impact on the end SAT score. The primary reason you should choose this method is to aid you in preparing for the upcoming tests.

But, SAT practice materials are an essential study guide. In general, it is recommended to search for a lower-cost but high-quality SAT study guide on the internet. Your local library may offer the study guide for you accessible.

7. Review Your Order and Confirm Your SAT Registration

The final step is to go through and confirm your purchase, and then you’ll have to pay the $60 fee to secure you SAT registration. Check that all the information you have matches the one in your identification card, and especially your name.

In this case, you are able to apply for the fee waiver from the SAT If you already have one. Students with low incomes in the 11th or 12th grade might be eligible for an exemption. For more information, please contact your school counselor.

Frequently Asked Questions About SAT Registration

How can you cancel your SAT registration?

Students are able to decide to cancel your SAT registration however, they must wait until the deadline and a fee. It is possible to cancel the registration via the account on the internet College Board account. Log into to your SAT account and choose the registration you would like to end.

From the menu, choose “Cancel Registration.” Although students technically get the full amount back but there is the cancellation cost of $25 prior to deadline, and $35 after.

Do you have to be registered late to take the SAT?

Every SAT test date is accompanied by the deadline for late registration. Late registration deadlines as well as regular cancellation usually take place 10 days prior to the test. If you miss the deadline for late registration it’s officially too late to register for the test date.

You can also take a look at other dates. The U.S., the SAT is given seven times per year. On the College Board website provides test schedules so that you can prepare for the test.

What will be the late-registration cost on the SAT?

Registration for the SAT costs $60 and fees for late registration are $30. Thus, all in all it will cost you 90 dollars to register late in order to sit the SAT. Late registration that includes a fee waivers is permitted for no additional cost.