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Common Application, also known as the “Common App“, makes it simple to apply to several colleges with one application. Are you looking to attend one that is a Common App college? Here’s everything you should be aware of.

What is the Common Application?

Common Applicationis an online college application that is utilized by more than 901 universities and colleges. Instead of filling in the same information, such as your address or GPA, as well as extracurriculars a dozen times, you just need to fill it out only once. This dashboard on the Common App dashboard also helps you keep track of important application documents (like Letters of Recommendation) as well as important deadlines.

Which colleges are using this? Common App?

Common App colleges comprise diverse in their selection of colleges: private large, public small, engineering schools and liberal arts colleges. Take a look at the complete list of 918 Common App colleges..

When will The Common App open?

Be ready for the season of application! Common App launches every year on August 1. Common App goes live every year on the 1st of August.

When will the Common App be due?

The deadline for your application will depend on whether you’re applying for early choice (typically the 1st of November) or a regular decision (typically one day before January 1,). Deadlines vary for each school, so make certain to verify the dates for every school you’re applying to. Deadlines for applications can be found (plus many other school information) on our on-line profile of colleges.

What is these Common Application essays?

The essay you submit is on your Common Application for all your colleges. Some schools may require applicants to answer a few additional questions. Look over the previous Common App essay questions now so that you can begin planning your essay. write.

Do you seek financial aid using on the Common App?

The financial aid application process starts by filling out your FAFSA and is distinct from submitting the Common Application (and with different dates!). Learn everything you should learn about financial aid.

What is the cost of the Common App? cost?

The service itself is completely free, but each college has their own processing fee for applications (usually between $30-$75 in the case of U.S. applicants and more for international applicants). It is possible to request a fee waiver in the event that you require one.

How do you apply for Common App colleges?

Use these guidelines to apply for colleges using The Common Application.

1. Create a common App account.

All you require is an email address to begin. Then, you’ll be asked to create your login and password as well as you’ll be required to respond questions regarding the person you’re (parent teacher, parent, or counselor) and the date you’re applying for the college of your choice.

2. Verify which schools you have on your list accept Common Application.

Some schools do not will accept Common App. Some colleges will require you to complete their own application form, or require you to use an alternative application process like the ApplyTexas system for Texas universities. Include schools you are interested in into your My Colleges list on the Common App account. Common App account.

3. Check the admissions requirements for each school you’re thinking of attending.

Remember it is possible that Common App schools can have various writing, test essays, and letters of recommendation requirements. Do your homework! You’ll be using the identical Common College admissions form however admission requirements will vary from school to school. For instance, one school might require SATs, while other schools may be not required. A lot of schools require you to write an essay in addition to your Common App essay or have additional college-specific questions to respond. You’ll be able complete all of these extras via your Common App dashboard.

4. Get the info you KNOW you’ll require

Most application will request the copy of your transcript from high school and a list of your extracurricular activities, as well as information regarding your guardian or parent’s education background and employment background.

5. Begin to work on your application

It is your Application Dashboard will show all your colleges, as well as how you are doing with each element that you have applied to. Choose a topic for your essay, begin filling out details, or ask your teacher for a Letter of Recommendation. There’s nothing that’s too small or big!

6. Monitor what is happening with your application(s)

The icons in the Dashboard can help you navigate your path. A green check indicates that your application has been sent to that specific college A yellow circle indicates that your application is in process A red dash indicates that a specific section is not needed for admission to the school.

7. Submit!

Complete all of your application materials before 11:59 pm (in your time zone) on the date as indicated on the Common App Dashboard.

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