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A lot of colleges require scores from ACT and SAT tests as part of their admissions process. It is important to know your ACT score is an essential element of your college application.

About the ACT

The ACT is an entrance test that is used by a majority of universities and colleges to determine admissions. It is a multiple-choice pencil and paper test conducted through ACT, Inc.

The goal for test ACT exam is to gauge the readiness of a high school student to go to college and provide colleges with a single information which can be used to evaluate all candidates. Admissions officers for colleges will look over the scores of standardized tests alongside your GPA at high school and the courses you took in high school, your letters of recommendations from mentors or teachers and extracurricular activities, admissions interview along with personal writing. The significance of ACT scores are to your college admissions process differs between schools.

The higher your achieve on your ACT or SAT the greater your options to attend and pay tuition for your college open to you.

When should I sign the ACT?

The majority of high school students are required to take exams like ACT, SAT, or both tests in this time of year., or the fall in their senior year. It’s crucial to have enough time to take the test again in case you want to improve your score prior to applying for admission to college. The ACT test is given nationwide every year in September October and December. February and June. and in July*.

Find all forthcoming dates for the ACT test.

*There are no test centers being scheduled for New York for the February or July test dates. There are no test centers scheduled in California on the July test date.

What is on the ACT?

Four Act sections:

  • English
  • Reading
  • Math
  • Science

The ACT also comes with an optional writing test of 40 minutes. Some colleges might require you to take an ACT Writing Test. It is possible to verify each college’s admissions guidelines on the school’s website, or on the college profiles.

What is the length of ACT?

The ACT is 2 hours and 55 minutes long. If you opt to test the ACT with an essay the test will take 3 hours and 35 minutes long.

What do you score the ACT evaluated?

The sections of each ACT is evaluated on one to 36 points scale. The score as a composite ACT score will be the sum of the four scores you scored in each section as well as scale of 1-36. If you opt to take the ACT with a Writing Test, you will get a separate score for Writing Test. Writing Test.

Should I choose to take either the ACT instead of the SAT?

Many universities and colleges will take scores of either SAT or ACT and will not prefer one in preference to the others. However, students who are planning to attend college are more often taking both SAT as well as the ACT. The changes made in the SAT in 2016 have made it simpler than ever before to prepare for both tests simultaneously, and get high scores for both! The best way to determine whether taking tests like the SAT, ACT, or both tests are right for you is to complete an exam that is timed full-length test of every type. Since the style and content that are used in both the SAT as well as the ACT are identical, things like how you respond to the time pressure, and the kinds of tests you are finding difficult will help you decide which test is the best one for you.