One of the greatest concerns we hear from parents involves late/lost assignments, poor study habits, and a lack of motivation demonstrated by their child. It may be that a child understands the content but does not have an effective and efficient approach to getting the work done and therefore feels overwhelmed with assignments. We have qualified academic coaches trained to guide your child through these challenges.

One of the ways we determine how best to serve your child’s learning needs is to establish what their learning style is and then develop a plan geared toward them and how they learn best.


1:1 academic coaching is for those kids who need support with:

  • Organizational skills
  • Effective planning and use of planner/agenda
  • Goal setting
  • Research based effective study techniques  for tests and quizzes

  • Time management skills

  • Note-taking

  • Problem solving strategies

  • Managing long-term assignments

  • Active listening skills

$65 per hour.

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