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eXL Learning is deeply committed to preparing our 21st Century learners with the academic abilities and enriched learning development needed to become the next innovative thinkers and creative problem-solvers.




Your child’s journey through K-12 may have many bumps and steep hills to climb. We know what it takes to help each unique kid grow academically. We’ve got just the right tutor and the supplemental educational programming that will truly make a difference for your child.

  • 1:1 tutoring
  • Academic coaching
  • College entrance exam test prep
  • Homework help support
  • Organizational or study skills
  • Learning evaluations
  • Learning that engages your child on non-school days
  • Specialized support for a homeschool program

Helps your child advance from their unique starting point with confidence.


Build social emotional, behavioral and executive function skills for personal and academic growth

Additional 1:1 support for children covering a variety of classes or assignments.


Comprehensive educational assessments to gain insight into your child’s academic strength and weaknesses; results will be used to determine next steps and treatment options.

Assessment preparation that contributes to achievement and competitive admittance to college.


Unique programming designed to ignite your child’s desire to learn.

“At EXL Learning, we understand the value of professional certifications in advancing your career. That’s why we offer a range of courses that are designed to help you earn the certifications you need to succeed. Our programs were created based on the highest standards as the courses IMAA Institute, and provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel in your field. Our instructors are experts in their respective industries, and our courses are designed with practical, real-world applications in mind. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills, gain a valuable certification, or take your career to the next level, EXL Learning has the resources and expertise to help you achieve your goals.”

Keri M.

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